Both the basic and the premium wedding albums are individually custom designed; no two are alike. The basic album is printed on 8x10 photo paper, while the premium album is printed on 10x10 regular glossy paper, more like a coffee table book. The premium album also includes a book jacket and a slip cover box to protect the album.

Photo Selection. The design process starts with the photo selection. Typically, I'll mail you contact sheets of the edited photos (where each contact sheet contains 35 "thumbnail" size photos per page). You'll circle the photos you'd like in the album, and mail the sheets back to me.

Album Design. I'll design the album and lay out all pages. The album will be posted to the web for you to review and comment on. This back and forth will continue until you give your approval.

Album Printing. Once you've approved the layout, the album is sent to the printer. The printing process takes from 2 to 4 weeks.